In Europe, there are plenty of new in-line twins, specifically those designed for A2 license holders, from numerous Chinese manufacturers. QJ Motor is one of them, and is introducing a neo-retro cruiser in Europe for 2023 in the form of the SRV 550 ST. The ST is based on the neo-retro naked bike, the SRV 550, and features the same Euro 5-compliant, two-cylinder engine displacing 554 cubes. This parallel-twin engine is rated at 47.6 horsepower.

The ST touts itself as a retro-styled classic cruiser. With forward-set foot pegs, a low seat height, high handlebars, and a long tubular steel frame, the SRV 550 ST is clearly designed for a relaxed, laid-back riding style. It does, however, have some modern amenities such as LED lights and a digital instrument cluster, in contrast to its retro cruiser styling.

Apart from these touches, the QJ Motor SRV550 is a rather barebones machine.It sports a standard telescopic fork up front, a 300 millimeter single disc brake up front, and 17-inch cast aluminum wheels. Out back, a linkage-mounted monoshock under the seat handles suspension duties. Speaking of the saddle, it’s rather wide and offers a lot of space for riders of all sizes. Passenger accommodations, however, are hardly even there. QJ Motor probably should have just done away with that tiny pillion seat.

QJ Motor Pulls The Covers Off The SRV 550 ST Neo-Retro Cruiser
QJ Motor Pulls The Covers Off The SRV 550 ST Neo-Retro Cruiser

Unlike other two-wheelers in its displacement and price bracket, the SRV 550 ST makes use of a belt final drive instead of a chain. This is sure to be appreciated by younger cruiser aficionados looking to upgrade to a Harley-Davidson or Indian cruiser in the future. Apart from its quiet running characteristics, a chain drive is also incredibly low-maintenance, keeping the cost of ownership rather low. A replacement belt is typically required after around 25,000 miles, however some manufacturers extend this interval to double the distance.

The SRV 550 ST will be released by QJ Motors in the spring of 2023 and will be made accessible in Germany and Austria by Hans Leeb GmbH. At EICMA in November 2022, the bike will be unveiled in all its glory. Additionally, according to QJ Motor, the cruiser won't cost more than 7,000 Euros ($6,900). Also, new owners of the QJ Motor SRV 550 ST will be given additional peace of mind thanks to a three-year warranty.

Gallery: QJ Motor Pulls The Covers Off The SRV 550 ST Neo-Retro Cruiser

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