On October 20, 2022, Ducati World Premiere Episode 5 officially revealed the 2023 Streetfighter V4 lineup to an expectant international audience. If you like the Panigale V4, but you prefer a naked version with high, wide handlebars, then the Streetfighter V4 family should definitely get your attention. 

As the 2023 Ducati Panigale V4 family evolved, so too did the Streetfighter V4. What’s changed? For one thing, the redesigned tank from the Panigale V4 is also present on the naked version. In addition to offering better ergonomic support to riders seeking to wrap themselves around it while powering through corners, the new tank holds 17 liters (or 4.49 U.S. gallons) of fuel.  

From stock, the 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 comes as a monoposto model, with passenger seat and footpegs available as optional equipment. Matte black accents are used to help accentuate the aggressive styling of the bike, and it will be available both in Ducati Rosso Red and a new matte gray Nera colorway. Both feature graphics inspired by the 2023 Panigale V4. 

Gallery: 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 S and V4 SP2

The 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 is powered by the 1,103cc Desmosedici Stradale engine. It’s outfitted with a new silencer that Ducati says reduces back pressure and optimizes performance in the new year. Official power figures are 208 horsepower at 13,500 rpm, alongside 123 newton-meters (or 90.4 pound-feet) of torque at 9,500 rpm. Furthermore, Ducati says that 70 percent of total torque is already available at 4,000 rpm. 

Much like the 2023 Panigale V4, the 2023 Streetfighter V4 gets four power modes: Full, High, Medium, and Low. Both Full and Low are all-new options for 2023, while the two modes in the middle have been revised. Riding modes in 2023 include Wet, Race, and Road.

This variety of mode choices relies on an updated Ducati rider aid electronics suite for 2023. 
Ducati has taken this opportunity to smooth out its Ducati Quick Shift function, which it says improves the riding experience both on the road and at the track.

Additionally, the 2023 Streetfighter V4 gets the all-new Info Mode Track Evo display view option, which was introduced on the 2023 Panigale V4. This display mode instantly puts a wide array of information at the rider’s fingertips, so they can see all the important details at-a-glance while they’re working on bettering their lap times on track. 

Chassis-wise, the 2023 Streetfighter V4 features a swingarm pivot that is four millimeters higher than the 2022 model. According to Ducati, this enhances the anti-squat effect, or the bike’s tendency to to squat down in back under acceleration. It’s also meant to enhance front-end stability throughout all types of riding, with better weight distribution loaded onto the front wheel.  

The 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 comes shod with Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Corsa tires. If you opt for the Streetfighter V4 S, you’ll also get forged aluminum Marchesini wheels, a full active Öhlins suspension and steering damper, and a lithium battery that shaves an additional 1.7 kilograms (or 3.7 pounds) off the weight of the 2022 model.  
2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2 

The 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2 benefits from all the updates found on the Streetfighter V4 and V4 S, but adds even greater performance to this special, numbered edition. Split five-spoke carbon fiber wheels don’t just look cool; they also reduce unsprung mass and result in improved handling, per Ducati. They weigh 1.4 kilograms (or 3.1 pounds) less than even the forged aluminum ones found on the V4 S version.  

What about the suspension? Once again, it’s Öhlins—and it’s identical to that of the Panigale V4. Additionally, the 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2 gets the STM-EVO SBK dry clutch, with a carbon-fiber dry clutch cover included as standard. Please be aware that this cover is intended for track use only, on closed circuits. The SP2 also gets Brembo Stylema R calipers, as well as adjustable billet aluminum footpegs. 

The 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2 will come in one colorway, which Ducati fans already know and love: Winter Test Livery. That includes the gorgeous exposed brushed aluminum on the tank, along with the carefully placed red, white, and black accents elsewhere on the bike.   

Please note that the Streetfighter V4 SP2 may not be available in all markets, or with all equipment discussed in Ducati’s presentation. For the most accurate information on what’s available in your region, your best bet is to reach out to your local Ducati dealer with any questions you may have. 

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