Royal Enfield has been unstoppable recently, with new models debuting left and right. The Indian manufacturer seems to have figured out the formula when it comes to releasing new and exciting models with mass appeal. Of course, Enfield’s bikes never sat on the bleeding edge of tech, but they leverage on good looks and an affordable price tag to keep bikes rolling off showroom floors.

In recent times, Royal Enfield has been focusing on its 350 range of bikes. In fact, you could say that the entire 350 range has been refreshed—from the Meteor 350, the Classic, and now the recently released Hunter 350. In fact, RE isn’t quite done with the 350 class just yet, as it has plans of launching the Bullet 350 soon. That being said, despite being incredibly busy with new models, Royal Enfield continues updating its existing flagship range of bikes, too.

Royal Enfield 120th Anniversary Continental GT 650 Left Side

By flagship, I’m referring to the 650 range of bikes, the models largely responsible for propelling Royal Enfield into the spotlight, and arguably the best bang for buck machines in the retro-style parallel-twin game. Indeed, if I were to ask you what the most popular bike in Enfield’s stable is, I’m certain a lot of you would say either the Interceptor 650 or the Continental GT 650. With that being said, these bikes have become the foundation for a lot, and I mean a lot of custom builds, with a good number of these builds focusing on performance.

In India, Royal Enfield itself has been hosting a Continental GT Cup, a racing series that highlights the motorsports potential of the Continental GT 650. As such, it’ll surely come to the delight of many that Enfield is speculated to be on the cusp of releasing an updated Continental GT 650 outfitted with alloy wheels and tubeless tires. Surely, fitting a more modern set of wheels can go a long way in diversifying performance-oriented tire choices, as well as reduce unsprung weight, translating to a much more nimble ride.

Indian automotive publication GaadiWaadi ascertains that a semi-faired version could even be in the works, further wetting the appetites of those looking for a sportier retro machine. Should Royal Enfield come up with such an update to the Continental GT, it’ll pretty much transform the bike’s character, even if the punchy parallel-twin isn’t updated all that much. It remains to be seen, however, if the Interceptor 650 will be the recipient of such treatment, as well.

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