Vespa launched its latest GTS update on October 5, 2022 and there’s a whole lot to take in if you’re a scooter fan. There’s a facelift, which walks a fine line between the brand’s status as a global design icon and modernity. There’s also Euro 5 compliance, of course, as well as more of the kind of features that scooter fans want in 2022. Let’s take a look. 

The new Vespa GTS comes in your choice of four flavors: GTS, GTS Super, GTS Supersport, and GTS Supertech. Two engines power the new GTS lineup: the 125 I-Get and the 300 HPE, which are both liquid-cooled, electronically fuel injected single-cylinder units. The 300 HPE engine makes a claimed 23 horsepower, which Vespa is proud to call its most powerful engine yet. 

What’s changed? From the mirrors to the mudguard crest and even that distinctive Vespa “tie” down the front, it’s all been carefully refreshed. It certainly can’t be easy, taking a red pen to such a storied design—and yet, it’s something that even the most classic brands have to do if they want to stay current.  

There’s more to the updated GTS family than just a redesign and a total of 14 different color schemes. While some important things remain the same (the Vespa GTS line continues to be made out of steel at the Pontedera factory in Italy), some key changes have been made to enhance rider comfort and enjoyment. 

A whole new front suspension is present, for a start. It uses Vespa’s traditional single-arm layout, but has been tuned with a special focus on increased high-speed stability. There’s also a whole new seat, meant to enhance ergonomic comfort for both rider and passenger alike. The 12-inch wheels also come fitted with disc brakes, front and rear. 

The Vespa GTS Super, GTS Supersport, and GTS Supertech all come with a new keyless ignition via an electronic key fob you can keep in your pocket. It offers remote start and remote seat opening options, as well as a Bike Finder function to help you find your particular GTS in the crowd. Both the GTS Supersport and GTS Supertech packages can communicate with your smartphone via the Vespa MIA app, as well. Additionally, the new Vespa GTS Supertech comes with a 4.3-inch full-color TFT display up front, while the other GTS variants have a three-inch analogue LCD display instead.  

The new Vespa GTS lineup is already available in Piaggio showrooms. Exact details and pricing may vary by region. MSRP in the U.S. starts at $7,799 for the base GTS and ranges up to $8,499 for the GTS Supertech.  

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