If you’re in the market for a new 125cc scooter in Europe, Suzuki just introduced three of them at Intermot 2022. The Address 125, Avenis 125, and Burgman Street 125EX all come packed with the features that most commuters look for in a solid everyday ride. Each one boasts slightly different styling, calibrated to fit a range of personal style concepts for individual riders. 

The heart of all three scoots is the Suzuki Eco Performance 125cc engine, although the Burgman Street 125EX uses a slightly different αlpha variant of this engine, which we’ll get to. It’s an air-cooled, 125cc single-cylinder engine that makes 8.7 pferdestarke (about 8.5 horsepower) at 6,750 rpm and 10 newton-meters (7.37 pound-feet) of torque at 5,500 rpm in its Address 125 and Avenis 125 form.  

Meanwhile, the SEPα engine variant found in the Burgman Street 125EX makes 8.6 ps (about 8.48 horsepower) at 6,500 rpm, while the torque figure remains the same. This engine also includes Engine Auto Stop-Start, which is a new idling stop system designed for efficiency. It’s conveniently coupled with Suzuki’s new Silent Start System to keep those idle restarts as smooth and unobtrusive as possible. 

Gallery: 2023 Suzuki Address 125, Avenis 125, and Burgman Street 125EX

Claimed fuel economy is 148.67 miles per gallon, with a drivetrain that meets strict Euro 5 emissions standards in all three scoots. Lighting on all three is LED, and all three come with both side and center stands as standard. Additionally, all three scoots feature front disc and rear drum brakes.  

The Address 125 has 21.8 liters of underseat storage space, while the Avenis 125 and Burgman Street 125EX have 21.5 liters of underseat storage. All three scoots boast additional storage cubbies, USB charging ports, and bag hooks in slightly different configurations in the footwell area. 

The biggest differences between the three scooters are mainly to do with style and ergonomics. All three have riders sit upright, as most scooters do—but naturally, given their differences, you may feel more or less comfortable on one scoot than the others.

Aesthetically, the Address 125 goes for a more classic scooter appearance, while the Avenis 125 veers more modern, and the Burgman Street 125EX goes for what Suzuki refers to as a more “elegant style.”  

The Address 125 and Avenis 125 will be available in Suzuki dealerships across Europe sometime in early 2023, with the Burgman Street 125EX to follow at some point after that. Pricing and availability will vary by region, and will be announced at some point yet to come. 

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