Electric scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles are fast becoming a facet of everyday life, especially in Asia and Europe. More and more each day, people are using more of these lightweight two-wheelers than their cars, especially when it comes to solo commutes, recreational trips, and shuttling about for light errands. Indeed, more and more of these two-wheelers are popping up left and right, with the newest of which being Tym’.

Tym’ is a new electric mobility company under the EBS Group, an organization that specializes in energy, and is now turning its attention to electric mobility. With the Tym’ brand, the company hopes to provide accessible and sustainable electric scooters packaged in a stylish, retro-inspired vehicle. Unsurprisingly, the company is sourcing its scooters from China in order to keep the costs down, but is also offering a variety of value-added extras such as customization options and affiliated insurance.

Tym’ Electric Scooters Make Their Debut In The European Market

Tym’ Electric Scooters Make Their Debut In The European Market

The company is, however, headquartered in France, wherein its service and distribution network will be handled. The scooters are expected to make their way to other parts of Europe shortly, and similar to other electric two-wheelers in the market, are modeled after their gasoline-powered scooters in terms of performance. For instance, the most beginner-friendly model called the S is equivalent to a 50cc scooter, and packs a two-kilowatt electric motor. Tym’ claims a range of around 38 to 60 miles on a single charge, and retails it for 2,389 Euros, or approximately $2,342 USD.

Moving up the ladder, we find the Tym’ M, a more premium model with a retro-inspired design. Customers will have the option of either a two or three-kilowatt motor, with autonomy ranging from 37 to 50 miles per charge. Tym’ has priced the M at a slightly more premium price of 3,099 Euros, but is offering it at a promotional price of 2,799 Euros ($2,744 USD).

Last but not least, the L model sits at the top of the brand’s model range, and is equipped with either a three or four-kilowatt electric motor with a range of around 50 miles per charge. It’s the priciest of the bunch, retailing for 3,699 Euros, but is currently available at a promotional price of 2,979 Euros ($2,920 USD).

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