The collaboration between RAM and Ogio has produced some rather notable products. Both brands are no strangers to innovation, and they’re well-known in the motorcycling world for their mounts and their luggage, respectively.

So what do you get when one company specializes in easy-to-use and robust phone mounting systems while the other specializes in quality luggage on or off the bike? Well, the Ogio X RAM collaboration netted a new line of tank bags that are a cut above the common formula that most other brands employed for quite some time.

The tank bags range in a variety of sizes from a compact four-liter variant without a smartphone window, all the way to a nine-liter-expandable-up-to-twelve-liters model. The quick-release system was developed by RAM Mounts and only requires a firm press to install on the bike. 

OGIO x RAM M2 Tank Bag
OGIOx RAM M1 Tank Bag
OGIO x RAM S3 Tank Bag
OGIO x RAM S2 Tank Bag
OGIO x RAM S1 Tank Bag

Tank Bags:

  • M1 FIXED 8L TANK BAG - $169.99 USD
  • S3 EXPANDABLE 4-7L TANK BAG - $179.99 USD
  • S2 FIXED 4L TANK BAG - $139.99 USD
  • S1 4L SOFT TOP TANK BAG - $99.99 USD
OGIO x RAM Tank Ring

Tank Rings: (all $17.99 USD)

Apart from being a quick install on the bike, the bags are also water-resistant and, except for the S1 model, all bags will feature a touch-sensitive window for your smartphone. There is also a rain shell that helps with the water resistance, and the tank rings can fit on brands like BMW, Ducati, KTM, Triumph, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

Also, depending on the model you get, you will get a variety of storage features like internal compartments, but all bags will feature a quick release system, access handle, removable shoulder strap, and power cord accommodations.

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