FCR Original is a custom shop based in France. The brand has been around for nine years already, making it one of the very first French custom workshops, or so the brand claims on its website. Still, however, one of its creations catches the eye and it’s based on a Triumph Bonneville Bobber that now has the nickname, the “Graphic Bobber.”

Custom Triumph Bobbers are not a totally new thing, in fact, it’s one of the more commonly modded motorcycles in the industry, and the platform welcomes builds with performance in mind like Thornton Hundred’s fastest Bobber in the world which sports nitrous and a supercharger.

Then we have the more sane builds like this one, but perhaps the only sane thing about this bike is that it doesn’t make 200 horsepower like the Thornton Hundred custom job. Okay, maybe what’s insane about this build is the attention to detail that FCR has put into it. The paint job seems OEM, just like it’s a Triumph special edition.

Gallery: Triumph Bonneville Bobber - FCR Original Graphic Bobber

As FCR Original puts it, it turned the Triumph Bobber into a “piece of fine jewelry,” translated from French. The purple paint is enhanced by its patterns and creates a subtle blend between classic sensibilities and modern elegance.

FCR’s mod list includes Inverted forks with a black diamond-like coating (DLC), Brembo brakes, a Beringer master cylinder with a custom mounting, an FCR mudguard, a custom cockpit layout, an FCR radiator grille, FCR engine spoiler, FCR exhaust, a K&N air filter, a nubuck leather seat, a custom rear fender, an integrated rear light, 17-inch wheels, a headlamp grille, and that gorgeous purple paint on the body of the bike.

Now, this piece isn’t just for show, it’s also for sale. FCR actually has most of its projects up for sale, and this is just one of many. You do have to inquire about the price via e-mail, however. To sweeten the deal, FCR claims that the manufacturer’s warranty is preserved in the purchase, and delivery is also possible worldwide.

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