The transportation landscape continues to evolve as more and more electric vehicles hit the road. That same transition is shaping off-road sports like motocross. KTM introduced its Freeride EX-C electric dirtbike in 2017. The firm soon expanded its electric motocross offerings to youngsters with the SX-E 5 in 2018.

Sister brand Husqvarna released the similarly equipped EE 5 around the same time. So, when KTM announced its 2023 SX-E 3, we knew the 2023 Husqvarna EE 3 would be close behind. Joining Husky’s Minicycle Motocross family, the EE 3 packs a 648-Wh lithium-ion battery. The brand doesn’t list the power cell’s run time or recharge intervals, but it's happy to report that it features fast charging.

The EE 3 produces 3.8 kW (5.1 horsepower) but six ride modes help parents tailor the powerband to the rider’s experience level. The electric drivetrain also eliminates the need for a clutch, straightening the learning curve for budding motocross stars. Husqvarna replaces the clutch lever with a rear brake lever. The two hand-actuated brakes offer developing riders more control over the set of 10-inch wheels.

Gallery: 2023 Husqvarna EE 3 and EE 5

Inspired by the petrol-powered TC 50 motocrosser, the EE 5 raises the bar with 5 kW (6.7 horsepower), a WP XACT air fork, and a WP rear shock. The chromium molybdenum frame stands up to the utmost abuse while the 12-inch front wheel overcomes obstacles with ease.

Under regular conditions, the EE 5’s 907-Wh power pack lasts for two hours. That figure drops to 25 minutes when ridden in flat-out competition, though. Luckily, the lithium-ion battery fully recharges in 70 minutes. Husqvarna also offers a full array of accessories, including a lowering kit, to help more young riders pick up the sport.

The brand hasn’t released pricing details but both the 2023 EE 3 and EE 5 should roll into local Husqvarna showrooms soon.

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