French motorcycle manufacturer Archive delivers on its name with a vintage-inspired lineup. The brand offers 50cc, 125cc, and 250cc single-powered models in Café Racer and Scrambler trims. Archive pairs its throwback moto range with retro-styled clothing and an open-face lid. Now, the firm adds even more vintage vibes and modern protection to its catalog with its new The Legend helmet.

Archive claims that the full-face model benefits from what it calls a “fiber shell”. On the inside, a removable and washable liner delivers equal parts comfort and convenience. Four closable vents at the front (two at the brow and two at the chin bar) keep that liner fresh and dry, while the four passive air extractors optimize the helmet’s ventilation.

A lockable visor not only seals air out but also protects the rider in the event of a crash. A trusty double D-ring buckle chinstrap reinforces those safety measures while also abiding by The Legend’s nostalgic standards. Archive may lavish the user with luxuries, but the helmet weighs in at 3.2 pounds as a result. Still, that care and attention secure The Legend an ECE 22.05 certification.

Designed by ASD racing, the Archive lid favors simple two-toned colorways and classic graphics. Six different liveries constitute The Legend’s lineup, with the color palette and matte/gloss finishes spanning both bygone eras and modern times.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to call out the elephant in the room, as The Legend looks like a blatant Bell Bullitt rip-off. From the large eye port and thin chin bar to the silhouette and the round visor mechanism, Archive practically lifts its design from Bell’s popular retro helmet.

Where The Legend departs from its inspiration is price. While the Bullitt retails for $439.95 in the States, Archives copycat only costs €229.90 ($225 USD) in Europe. That equates to some hefty savings, and with both lids meeting ECE standards, that decision may not compromise safety either.

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