Kawasaki’s long-awaited ZX-25R broke cover at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The quarter-liter screamer immediately impressed the press with a claimed 50 horsepower (at 15,500 rpm) and 22 lb-ft of torque (at 14,500 rpm). The small-displacement supersport never made it Stateside, but the newest Ninja was well received in many South East Asian nations—including Indonesia.

By June, 2021, Kawasaki sold over 4,000 ZX-25R models in the country, doubling its original 2,000-unit estimate. Team Green pounced on the moment, releasing four Indonesia-exclusive color options for the 2022 ZX-25R.

Just two months earlier, in May, 2021, Kawasaki ZX-4R rumors surfaced. At that point, details were sparse, but we anticipated Kawi to leverage the ZX-25R platform for a potential 400cc supersport. Those predictions came to fruition when VIN decoder information revealed that Kawasaki would ship the ZX-4R to North America.


In addition to that intel drop, Japan’s Autoby divulged key details behind the upcoming sportbike. Unfortunately, horsepower, torque, and weight numbers weren’t yet available, but the media outlet confirmed that the ZX-4R would sport a 399cc, bored-out version of the current ZX-25R inline-four. Autoby also expects Team Green to pair that engine to a larger exhaust system along with a wider rear tire and dual-disc braking system to handle the extra output.

With the ZX-4R hype at a fever pitch, teasing the model to the Indonesian market would only drive up interest around the world. However, the teaser video posted on Kawasaki Indonesia’s Instagram account provides little hints. Aside from a carbon fiber backdrop, distorted exhaust sound clip, and sword-slashing sound effects, the teaser only alludes to a new ZX model, not the ZX-4R itself.

For those anxious to see the new ZX first thing, the Kawasaki Indonesia YouTube channel will debut the model on October 1, 2022, followed by a public showing at PT Kawasaki Moto Indonesia in West Java.

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