Another type-approval-document sourced news bit for you once again. BMW’s R 1250 R and R 1250 RS will be coming back in 2023 with some minor updates. Among the updates that were announced by BMW, the two boxer road bikes were not included, however, and once again, type-approval documents state otherwise.

Both models will get slight tweaks coming into their 2023 model years. The changes are minor, to say the least, unlike the bombshell that was the BMW M 1000 R hyper naked that will soon release to the world.

It’s been about four years since either the R 1250 R and RS were updated, with the last updates happening in 2018 for their 2019 model years. The two models will share the same powerplants as their 2019 model years, however, the slight changes include alterations to their fairings and a revised electronics package that hasn’t been fully flushed out by the approval paperwork.

The type-approval documents reveal that the models will undergo a designation change to OM71 and OM81 for the R 1250 R and R 1250 RS, respectively. The current models are known internally as OJ71 and OJ81 for now.

2021 BMW R 1250 R

As stated, we will still see BMW’s 1,254cc boxer twin with its shift-cam technology. The power will still be at 134 horses and torque will still be at 105 pound-feet.

Among the other changes to the models, the documents reveal that a new catalytic converter will be used to improve emissions from the models which will land the pair in the second stage of the Euro 5 standard.

The dimensional changes will include being slightly smaller overall for the R 1250 RS model. The wheelbase will be the same across the 2019 and the future 2023 year model. We can also see that the new models will be slightly taller than before, indicating that either a suspension spring has been revised or that an accessory has been changed. Cycle World takes a guess and suggests that it’s a different windshield because the difference is just half an inch compared to the outgoing model.

Meanwhile, the standard R 1250 R remains the same dimensions-wise, however, the fairings could get a refresh for 2023 to keep the model looking current.

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