Ola Electric is one of those companies that clearly wants to fully embrace the modern age. Apart from being a large manufacturer of affordable electric two-wheelers in India, the brand also has ambitions of expanding its model range to include a wide selection of EVs available across multiple markets around the world. On top of that, the company's e-commerce approach has made it extremely accessible to tech-savvy folks.

While having a strong online presence is absolutely essential in this day and age, Ola Electric seems to have realized that having a on-ground presence is important, too, especially among those who want to experience the electric scooters for themselves before committing to making a purchase. This is why Ola Electric has plans of setting up more than 200 stores that it's calling "Experience Centers," wherein prospective buyers can see the S1 and S1 Pro scooters for themselves. 

According to Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, the company hopes to open 200 Experience Centers by March, 2023. At present, there are already 20 Experience Centers in operation, situated in key cities across India. Apart from seeing the scooters for themselves, folks who visit Ola Electric's Experience Centers will have the chance to take the S1 and S1 Pro scooters on test rides, and inquire about various financing options. Meanwhile, owners of the S1 scooters can schedule their service and maintenance appointments in any one of these Experience Centers. 

On the company's website, visitors can schedule visits for a variety of time windows throughout the day. The S1 and the S1 Pro are currently available for purchase through Ola Electric's portfolio. While the latter retails for Rs 139,999, which is around $1,731 USD, the former is available for Rs 99,999, or around $1,237 USD. In line with the company's Experience Center Initiative, Ola Electric has some really ambitious goals in the pipeline, too. As covered previously, the brand intends to put up a HyperCharger network of fast-chargers across the country, not to mention, increase its production drastically in its cutting-edge FutureFactory. 

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