Ola Electric has proven itself as a strong contender in the rapidly growing lightweight electric vehicle (LEV) segment, not just in India, but all over the world. Even prior to the official launch of the S1, the Indian startup had made its way to the headlines thanks to its big, audacious goals when it came to overall EV production. As it would turn out, the company’s founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, truly has some lofty goals for his company.

For starters, we already know that Ola’s FutureFactory is under construction, with parts of it already operational, and working on mass-producing the S1 electric scooter. Ola Electric claims that the FutureFactory will be the largest, most sophisticated EV manufacturing hub the world has ever seen. But just how big are we taking? Well, Ola claims that by 2022, the factory will churn out a total of ten million electric two-wheelers per year. That's 15 percent of the entire world’s e-scooters. What’s more, is that Ola Electric also has plans of branching out to larger EVs, namely utilitarian three-wheelers, and even small electric cars.

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Ola Electric doesn’t only want to pave the way for the future of electric personal mobility. It also wants to usher in change in India’s manufacturing industry—particularly when it comes to the involvement of women. That’s right, Ola Electric has committed to employing a women-only workforce for its FutureFactory, with an estimated 10,000 women working hand in hand with 3,000 robots to churn out electric two-wheelers at a blistering pace. In total, once fully operational, the FutureFactory will cost more than $330 million to complete.

Commenting on his commitment to make the Ola FutureFactory a women-led endeavor, Bhavish Aggarwal stated in a report by Bloomberg, “Enabling women with economic opportunities improves not just their lives but that of their families and indeed the whole community.” At present, the participation of women in India’s manufacturing industry stands at only 12 percent—a figure that needs to be addressed if the country really wants to continue working its way towards being the world’s manufacturing hub. Aggarwal seeks to empower the women of India by boosting their technical knowhow and generating more employment for the county’s women workforce.

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