For everyday riders, the Yamaha XMAX 300 is a solid option in the markets where it’s sold. In the realm of maxi-scooters, it strikes a good balance among a number of characteristics. It packs in a little more power than 125 and 150cc options, while at the same time not becoming so large and heavy that it’s unwieldy. That tidy under-seat storage area is, of course, an important selling point of the class—and the XMAX 300 is no exception. 

Yamaha’s MAX scooter line—TMAX, XMAX, and SMAX—have been and remain extremely popular scoots in Europe. They’re graduated, so you can start off with an SMAX and then move up in displacement if you need to—or else stay smaller and more fuel-efficient if that’s what your commute requires. The XMAX 300 sits squarely in the middle of the pack, offering greater displacement than the SMAX (which is a 155cc scoot), but less than the TMAX (a 530cc scoot, which isn’t sold in the U.S. as of 2022).  

These spy shots show what’s clearly a Euro-spec XMAX 300 out testing, easily identified by the sleekly integrated turn signals that are already stock on the current-gen XMAX sold on the continent. The body panels are shrouded in a matte black wrap of some kind, but the overall shape doesn’t look much different (if at all) from the current version. 

Gallery: Yamaha XMAX 300 Spy Photos

That said, the face of this XMAX 300 could be slightly flatter and less angular than the current model, though it’s difficult to say with certainty from these shots. The profile, seat, grab rails, tail, and exhaust all look much the same as what we’re used to. Since the scoot received its Euro 5 engine update in 2021, it seems unlikely that there’s a major engine update lurking underneath all the plastics inherent with the maxi-scooter genre. 

What does appear to be clear is that this isn’t an XMAX SP, which took up-rated features like an Ohlins rear suspension, a TMAX saddle, and other sportier features and added them to the XMAX in some markets. That said, it’s possible that there’s more going on underneath the plastics than we can necessarily spot in a handful of spy photos. 

After all, the eventuality of tighter, yet-to-be-determined European Union noise restrictions on motorbikes is still hanging over everyone’s head. The official EU text reads, “The TBD Euro 5 sound limits are to be modified in a separate act adopted in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure laid down in Article 294 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.”  

Although there’s no deadline yet for any new restrictions, OEMs like Yamaha must surely be thinking at least a couple of steps ahead at all times. The European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) has also been hard at work studying the coming changes, as well as conducting its own cost-benefit analysis regarding practicality and efficacy of different sound reduction levels.  

The current-gen XMAX already boasts features including LED lighting and ABS, as well as traction control in some markets. With so much bodywork on the outside, it’s difficult to speculate on what changes may lurk beneath the surface—but we look forward to finding out.

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