Dainese’s got jackets, pants, gloves, and more for you. Though, if you want supplemental or more undercover armor pieces, you can consider separate armor pieces like their new Pro-Armor back protector.

CE Level 2 and ventilated thanks to its honeycomb structure, it’s a rare combination of two features that motorcyclists usually trade off for. The structure of the back protector is made out of expanded nitrile rubber which ensures protection along with a honeycomb structure that lets your back breathe on a hot day. There are five panels of this black-colored material which are joined by flexible thermoplastic portions that help with mobility on or off the bike.

On top of this, Dainese has also molded the armor piece anatomically to the shape of a human spine with curves in all the right areas. The honeycomb structure also allows for a good amount of flexibility, which is heightened by the thermoplastic portions that flex front-to-back and side-to-side.

The new back protector is a part of Dainese’s Pro-Armor gear series which was initially launched back in 2017. On top of being rated CE Level 2 and its ventilation, the model is also the lightest and most flexible of the offerings.

It is recommended to clean out the back protector as dust can settle in the honeycomb pattern. To clean, just use soapy water and a toothbrush to keep the dust out and to keep the smell of sweat away.

Proper fitment is achieved through a system of straps that can adjust to just about any body type. There are two lengths available that can accommodate taller or smaller riders. There are two shoulder straps and a removable lumbar strap that should help secure it on your lower back. Dainese offers the Pro-Armor back protector for about $160 USD given today’s exchange rate (€159.95 EUR).

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