In 1995, this particular BMW R 100 GS left its factory in Germany destined for Alberta, Canada, where it would remain nearly undisturbed in its crate for 27 years. On November 2021, it was sold to a buyer based in New York, it was sold at auction this year for a staggering $47,250 USD on Bring a Trailer.

There’s quite a theme going on for unassembled, brand-new-old-stock, still-in-box motorcycles in recent memory. From Kawasakis still in their crates to Ducatis selling with the crates, it’s undeniable that the original packaging brings a tremendous amount of value to an auction listing.

This unit was shipped to Alberta, Canada, which is clearly written on the crate. From there, it was not mentioned in the listing if the unit exchanged hands more than once, but we do know that in November 2021, a buyer in New York got a hold of it and still kept the unit in its original shipping box. That buyer is Peter Boggia of Moto Borgotaro based in Brooklyn, New York. Moto Borgotaro dabbles a lot in classic motorcycles from Europe and North America.

Gallery: BMW R 100 GS Paris Dakar Still In Crate

The R 100 GS is also a special model from BMW. It’s a Paris-Dakar edition which was a limited production run back in the day. The listing shortens the name to “PD,” and it’s quite common to see these bikes go for about $10,000 USD to about $15,000 USD or more depending on their condition. Now, this is as mint as it gets, and it predictably sold for a substantial price on Bring A Trailer, with the winning bidder putting up close to fifty grand for the unit.

So this listing had a lot of things going for it, and it was perhaps a good move on the dealer’s part to not unbox it and let it age like a fine wine. It’s unclear whether the bike will be unpacked finally, but it’s likely that the bike will still remain in its crate as a collectors’ piece from here on out. That is unless the buyer or the next owner decides that it’s time to uncrate it.

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