ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) fans are in it for the experience. Whether it’s the sound of popping bubble wrap or the peacefulness of a whispering voice, viewers are always chasing that spine-tingling sensation. For gear heads, the most comforting sounds emit from the garage, and the DoctorMotorcycle YouTube channel is happy to fill its subscribers’ prescriptions on a regular basis.

The last time we checked in on the garage builder, he embarked on a brand-new Yamaha XV920R Virago project. DoctorMotorcycle creator James Kauder wasn’t satisfied with bringing the unconventional cruiser back to life, though. Instead, he set out to remake the Virago as a Mad Max-styled bobber complete with a twin-turbo.

In the previous installment, the Doc installed a bobber-appropriate floating saddle and dual-petcock gas tank. That new, high-flow fuel cell also allows the builder to equip the Mad-Max XV920R with an ethanol (E85) compatible fueling system. With the groundwork laid, Kauder moved on to the project’s pièce de résistance: its twin-turbocharger.

Unlike DoctorMotorcycles’ last outings, he breaks out the sanding belt and heat gun, adding even more tools to Kauder’s ASMR stockpile. While those additions certainly round out the auditory spectrum, the garage builder understands the limitations of his commentary-less format. To satisfy the DIY devotees and spec-driven petrol heads, Kauder adds text overlays to describe the build process and inner workings of the twin-turbo.

These helpful blurbs break down everything from the carbon seal to a transfer punch to the wastegate. Thankfully, the interjections only moderately distract from the power-tool sound bath, allowing the audience to bask in the clatter and whir of the workshop.

Make no mistake, though. No onomatopoeia can accurately communicate the heavy thunk of a hammer or the high-pitched hiss of a welding torch. For that, you’ll have to tune in to the latest build episode. It may not replicate the soft pop of bubble wrap or the soothing sound of a whisper, but the garage-borne music will certainly give ASMR fans that spine-tingling sensation they’re always chasing.

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