E-bike maker Delfast introduced its updated Top 3.0i flagship electric bike earlier in 2022. In combustion vehicles, an “i” is often used to indicate fuel injection—but that’s clearly not the case here. So, what does it mean? In Delfast’s case, the “i” stands for “intelligent,” because the newest member of the Top e-bike family now boasts an onboard computer. 

The onboard computer is handy, because it can give you instant, real-time information about the state of your electric bike. It offers Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone, as well. If you use the app, you can track your mileage, odometer, and speedometer readings over time. The app also allows remote locking and unlocking functionality, as well as remote alarm activation. Other key features include a Find My Bike function, as well as the option to receive push notifications if your bike is moved. 

If all that has piqued your interest, Delfast is currently having a summer sale on its newest model. The discount period runs for a limited time only, from August 15 through 24, 2022. Buyers can get their hands on the new Top 3.0i with a $750 discount by simply using the code “SUMMER” when they’re checking out. Delfast is an e-bike company that ships directly to its customers, so you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. 

Gallery: Delfast Top 3.0i E-Bike

The Delfast Top 3.0i comes with two speed modes available. Speed Mode 1 operates as a Class 2 e-bike, offering 750 watts of power and a top speed of 20 miles per hour, in compliance with U.S. road rules. However, because the Top 3.0i is an all-terrain e-bike, and not only meant for street use, it also packs Speed Mode 2 as a switchable option. According to Delfast, if you take the Top 3.0i off-road, and away from paved roads, you can unleash this unlimited mode and achieve a top speed of 50 miles per hour if you like. 

The Top 3.0i is powered by a QS 205 electric motor, which the company says produces 182 newton-meters (or 134 pound-feet) of torque. Total vehicle weight is 154 pounds, and maximum load capacity is 265 pounds. Range on a single charge is a claimed 200 miles. The case has an IP32 water and dust resistance rating, while the motor itself has an IP56 rating.  

This e-bike uses a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, has regenerative disc brakes, and LED lighting all around. It also rolls on a pair of 19-inch wheels and motorcycle tires, further blurring that e-bike line. Yes, it still has pedals—but if you’ve ever faced range anxiety on a low-speed e-bike before, you might welcome the option to pedal yourself out of trouble if you do happen to run out of juice.

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