Wheels Through Time is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022—and the Maggie Valley, North Carolina, museum may just be the premier destination for American motorcycle history fans in the U.S. It houses plenty of other American machinery as well, but what makes it extra-special is that it’s also the Museum that Runs. 

For its 20th anniversary, it’s currently running a fundraiser to pay for a new fire suppression system, to help keep all of its priceless American machinery well protected in the event of any fire threats. The new system will cost approximately $300,000. As of August 2, 2022, the official webpage says that it’s raised $63,607.66 so far. 

If you’d like to help out, WTT is accepting donations both on its YouTube page, and also directly via its webpage via a link we’ll put in our Sources. WTT is also offering a number of incentives for donations, including personal video messages, your name added to the endscreen of WTT’s videos, personal shoutouts in videos, VIP tours, and more.  

In this video, Matt Walksler followed in his father’s tread marks and did some burnouts inside the museum on one of the many vintage Harleys that he’s restored. He also announced two important things, both of which have to do with this fundraising campaign.  

Firstly, a museum member named Granvil Tracy has said that he’ll match the next $10,000 in donations that folks submit to the Museum. That means every donation you make up to that point will go twice as far. How cool is that? 

Secondly, Matt added, for every donation of $1,000 or more, he’s going to do a nice burnout down the center aisle of the museum, just for that donor. He then dedicated the first one to Granvil, and set off to make a new mark on the floor of the museum. If you want to make your mark, too, while also helping to ensure the fire safety of the entire collection, there’s still plenty of time left to do so in this campaign. Simply visit the link in our Sources to find out the details. 

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