MotorSport Vision, otherwise known as MSV, is building something special. In lieu of tightening emissions regulations and rapid EV development, MSV is developing a race track whose main clientele will be electric-powered racers and whose power will be supplied by the solar farms that are to be built on its massive land area.

MSV also handles Donington Park, Brands Hatch, and Cadwell Park. The new sustainable track is located in Aisne in France. The track will be called the Couvron Eco-Circuit, and it’s currently under development. MSV initially bought the 520-hectare land that was formerly owned by the military back in 2015. The project commenced in 2019, but as we all know, a certain virus was spreading around, which made it difficult to continue.

MSV claims that it will take about four to five years for the track to finish, and then for it to be able to accommodate the public.

It also seems like the perfect time for France to get a new race track for electric vehicles given the new regulations on noise pollution

As for the solar farms, estimations are pinned at about 350 megawatts of power. The photovoltaic farm will span a total land area of 300 hectares, which is over half the total area of the park.

The track itself has been tailored for EVs, sporting a redesigned 3.5-kilometer-long track that should be just about right for electric racers. The track length was shortened from 8 kilometers down to 3.5 kilometers due to the current capabilities of EVs and their corresponding ranges.

As for the events, up to six racing events can be held per year along with a bunch of testing and practice sessions. Essentially, it's still about the same as a normal track in terms of operation, but the main difference is that it will be more for EVs rather than traditional fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. 

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