Shark Helmets unveil a new Nano Jet helmet perfect for the city or for trips around town. The new model is available in a wide variety of colors and can be had for less than $200 USD.

From something as simple as a Jet helmet to world-class touring helmets, Shark is backed by years of experience and moves forward with innovation and technologies. From its top-spec lid to this newly-released Nano expect a quality product from the French marque. 

Starting with the shell, Shark Helmets used polycarbonate paired with multi-density EPS. The end result is a jet helmet that is light and compact. There are two shell sizes in the range, with the size split right down the middle of the size range. Speaking of that range, Shark’s sizing run goes from XS all the way to an XL.

You only get one vent on the Nano, and that’s the sleek top vent. There are no exhaust vents, but expect air to flow through the back of the helmet and out the neck roll. 

Shark Helmets Nano
Shark Helmets Nano
Shark Helmets Nano

Securing the lid on your head is a micrometric buckle for easy on and easy off. While wearing the helmet, you may notice the AEGIS-approved Microtech fabric used for the inner liner of the helmet. The material keeps fresh for a while, but if you need to remove the jank after months of use, the pads are removable and washable.

Other convenience features of the Shark Helmets Nano Jet include speaker and communicator cutouts and accommodations, cutouts in the EPS for eyeglass compatibility, and a visor with a quick replacement system. Shark has their own system called the Sharktooth, but you may also use your own preferred device be it from Cardo or Sena as well.

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The price tag of the Shark Nano starts at €169.99, which is a little over $170 USD given current exchange rates.

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