Aprilia announced its Tuareg Experience back in June, 2022. The Piacenza, Italy-based program offers adventure riders both training courses and guided tours with the Tuareg Training, Tuareg Freeride, and Tuareg Bivouac options. Now, the Noale brand is bringing Tuareg Experience across the pond to explore the vast deserts of Baja.

The six-day trip will begin in San Diego, California. Riders will depart on October 23, 2022, venturing through the Otay Mountain Wilderness before crossing the Tecate border into Baja California, Mexico. After staying the night in Ensenada, the group will head for San Felipe, riding nearly 275 miles through the San Martir Mountains National Park all the while.

Tuareg Experience Baja - Water
Tuareg Experience Baja - Sunset

Setting out from San Felipe, the Tuareg Experience will take participants through the eastern deserts of Baja before shacking up in Bahia de los Angeles for the third evening. As the troops head back north on the fourth leg, they will trudge through desert sands on the way to Cataviña, Mexico. The team will then cling to the coast, as they navigate back through Ensenada on the return journey to San Diego, California, on October 30, 2022.

Unlike the Italian Tuareg Experience, the Baja guided tour encourages guests to have “a minimum intermediate capability of experience in dual-sport" in order to handle the technical terrain and more than 1,000 miles in the saddle. While the Piacenza-based Turaeg Experience classes allow attendees to bring their own Tuareg 660, riders will need to rent a unit for the Baja trip.

During the six-day expedition, Aprilia will cover all meals and lodging, but users will need to present a valid motorcycle license, proof of health insurance, and proof of vaccination. At $3,500, the Baja Experience sure isn’t cheap, but the challenging terrain should put the Tuareg 660’s off-road prowess to the test, and experiencing such diverse cultures should make life-long memories for riders.

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