We commonly celebrate the fire-forged achievements of custom motorcycle builders here at RideApart. From first-rate fabricators to stylistic visionaries, there’s no shortage of talent to honor and showcase. However, part-time garage builders rarely receive the dues they deserve. One such under-appreciated master machinist is Cream Works’ Enrico Spinato, and his electric converted Ossa 250 is certainly a cause for celebration.

Based in Vincenza, Italy, Spinato works as a mechanical designer by day and a custom builder by night. The moonlighting metalworker already has a host of internal combustion projects under his belt, so an electric moto build seemed like an exciting new challenge.

“It was an idea of a friend of mine,” admitted Spinato. Despite knowing nothing about electric powertrains, the Italian lightheartedly concluded, “let’s try it anyway.”

After poring over electric motor, battery, and controller materials, Spinato found his perfect donor bike in an engine-less Ossa Trial 250 Mick Andrews Replica.

“We found this old abandoned trial and it was love at first sight,” Spinato recounted. “Light, simple, perfect for our project. Thus was born the Shock.”

Gallery: Cream Works Shock: Ossa Trial 250 Mick Andrews Replica

Being Spinato’s first electric build, he preferred to keep the design simple. The part-time builder kept the frame intact for that reason, only removing the old engine mounts to make room for the new 5kW (7 horsepower) electric motor and battery. Spinato also preserves the old Ossa’s classic gas tank and stores the control units and cables in the repurposed fuel cell.

The Mick Andrews Replica's trial days are over in Shock form, so Spinato adopts standard off-road rubber and long-travel suspension for mild trail rides. The brown leather saddle calls back to the days of yore, while the cheeky paint job and clever headlamp shutter contraption add a touch of humor to the project.

Unfortunately, the Cream Works Shock only yields a half-hour of seat time before the electric tracker requires a recharge. If he could do it all over again, Spinato has mentioned that he would equip the converted trials bike with a more robust powertrain, but the Shock proves that it's here for a good time, not a long time.

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