BMW’s R series motorcycles have become synonymous with the Bavarian brand. From the outboard engine cylinder heads to the toaster tanks, the R range has churned out some of the most iconic motorcycle models of the past 50 years.

However, airheads don't last forever, especially as emissions standards continue to tighten over the next 10 years. Fortunately for retro-leaning riders, the switch away from fossil fuels doesn’t have to equate to a switch away from BMW’s beautiful R series. At least, not if Dutch startup LM Creations has a say in the matter.

Consisting of a power unit, battery pack, and electric charger, the company’s BMW EV conversion turns a boxer-powered Beemer into an electric motorcycle. The 72V motor produces up to 20kw (26.8 horsepower) while retaining the airhead aesthetic by easily slotting into a cast aluminum housing.

Gallery: LM Creations BMW EV Conversion Kit

The 4.3 kWh battery feeds that 72V power unit, and pushes the converted Beemer to an 80-kilometer (49.7-mile) city range. That power pack also upholds the R series styling, nestling into a gel-coated fiberglass shell that replicates the classic BMW fuel tank. The Dutch startup even redefines the airhead with bolt-on R-type faux cylinders.

Customers can choose between a 1.8 kW charger or upgrade to the 3.3 kW version for faster recharge intervals. Regardless of the charging unit, LM Creations claims that the battery pack provides more than 2,000 charge cycles for a total of 160,000 kilometers (99,420 miles) of lifetime range.

Customizers can purchase the motor, battery, charger, and Poly fiber cover a la carte, or they snag a €950 ($967 USD) discount by springing for the full kit. The 1.8 kW charger retails for €8950 ($9115 USD) while the up-spec 3.3 kW edition commands €9450 ($9,625 USD). The kit is compatible with BMW R45, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, and R100 variants (1969-1995), though some models may require minor modifications.

No motorcycle will last forever, but LM Creations’ BMW EV Conversion kit hopes to keep your old airhead on the road for decades to come.

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