Adventure riding has gained popularity at a rapid pace all across the globe. More and more, men, women, everyone in between, and people of all walks of life, have discovered the joys of riding their motorbikes off the beaten path. Indeed, there have been many events dedicated solely to building the ADV scene, and more are expected to come.

In Australia, in particular, The wildly popular Women Only Adventure Ride organized by RideADV will return in 2022 at a new venue. This year, both novice and expert women ADV riders will have access to brand-new terrain of increasing difficulty over the whole weekend. Both days of the trip, which begin and end in Harrington, New South Wales, are appropriate for registered, street-legal dirt bikes of any brand and riders of any experience level.

Experienced lead and sweep riders from RideADV will take riders through the trails during the event, with support vehicles and a large crew on hand to help if the going gets tough. Each rider is free to choose their preferred form of lodging, which can be a bar, hotel, or camping. Having said that, you will be responsible for planning and paying for your own lodging.

Regarding the route itself, there are two separate loop rides that use Harrington as their starting point. Sessions for practicing riders' skills are also included in the package. As a result, you can enjoy yourself on the trails while improving your off-road riding skills. The fee of participation is $280 AUD for both days of fully supported ADV riding, which includes instruction from the knowledgeable RideADV crew.

So if you’re a lady rider looking to get a hefty dose of fun, excitement, and adventure, make sure to get to Harrington, NSW on July 9, 2022. It doesn’t matter if you're just trying out adventure riding as a novice or less experienced rider for the very first time, or simply want a supported ride where you don't have to worry about all the planning and support. Pre-registration and further details can be found on the official RideADV website, which is linked below.

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