The 2023 model years of the Yamaha TW200 and the XT250 bring a new color into the fold called Radical Gray.

Ready for almost anything, the XT and the TW series are long-time favorites of dual-sport enthusiasts of Team Blue. Yamaha announced that North America will get the two models with a minor change for 2023. Most of everything is still the same except for the addition of the new color. The price for the 2022 year models was pegged at $5,199 USD for the XT and $4,799 for the TW. At the time of this article’s writing, the pair hasn’t received their official prices just yet.

2023 Yamaha TW200
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Things stayed the same for the two Yamaha dual sports. Both models have not been updated to meet European or Japanese emissions standards.

For the Yamaha XT250, the model comes with an air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder, single-overhead-cam engine that has 249ccs of displacement. The bike tips the scales at a light 291 pounds, and it produces about 19 horses.

As for the TW200, the model comes with an air-cooled four-stroke, single-cylinder, single overhead cam engine that punches out 16 horsepower and it comes in at a weight of 277 pounds. Characterized by its thick front and rear tires’ sidewalls, the TW200’s a bike that’s full of personality. While we were underwhelmed back in 2020 when the models did get updated, the bikes are desirable enough for Young Machine to say that they “envy North America.”

The Radical Grey colorway is the start of the show here, and the models are both equipped the same way as before with the new color leading the charge for the new model year. Just like its update in 2020, there is a new color in the family with Beige being in the spotlight back then when it was new. Now, the lineup will feature the Radical Grey along with the other colors of the TW200 and XT250.

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As stated prior, Yamaha hasn’t announced the prices yet of these updated 2023 models, so we might have to wait for further announcements and official pricing information.

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