Roam Motors may not be a household name, but the electric mobility brand is certainly on its way. The Kenyan-Swedish startup hasn’t just secured millions of investment dollars and a partnership with Uber but also captured a spot on Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022.

Unlike electric offerings from the likes of Harley-Davidson and Energica, Roam caters to the everyday rider with user-friendly performance and a utilitarian yet urban design. The company hopes that approach positions Roam as the preeminent electric option in Africa’s emerging markets, and the brand already has an active pilot program in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gallery: Roam Motors Design Drawings

While users put the pilot bikes to the test, Roam is already working on a new and improved design, and recent drawings submitted in the European Union illustrate the project’s progress. Instead of the single, swappable power pack configuration found on the pilot models, the new drawings reveal a larger dual-battery layout with handles for easy removal. Roam claims that the electric bike can reach up to 124 miles on a single charge with the new system.

As opposed to pilot models, which mount the motor to the underside of the power pack, the new design places the electric motor directly behind those new batteries. That motor doesn’t just power the Roam to a 56-mph top speed and 440-pound carrying capacity, though. It also functions as the swingarm connecting pivot, simplifying the package further.

The tubular-steel swingarm, dual shocks, and conventional fork won’t wow the performance crowd, but they will certainly get the job done. The same goes for the front and rear drum brakes and the tail-mounted luggage platform. Roam revisits the aesthetics as well, with a newly-shaped headlight cowl/windscreen and redesigned faux fuel tank/storage compartment highlighting the design.

Of course, Roam builds its bikes to a price point with initial preorders starting at $1,500 and the dual-battery version going for $2,050. The tech company believes that the first deliveries will go out in late 2022 with mass deliveries starting in 2023. Unfortunately, Roam hasn’t officially announced anything concerning its recently submitted designs, but we have a feeling the potential new model could turn the budding brand into a household name.

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