KTM-owned Spanish off-road and enduro specialist GasGas has always been serious about off-road racing. Tackling the sport from the grassroots level all the way to the world championship level, it’s possible for off-road riders to have their first taste of the two-wheeled lifestyle aboard a GasGas machine, and eventually graduate into its bigger, more powerful models.

When I say grassroots, I really mean it, as GasGas has electric balance bike offerings meant for kids aged around seven years or younger. As kids, a lot of us didn’t have the luxury of training on balance bikes. It was straight to pedal bikes fitted with training wheels, for most of us. These days, however, balance bikes have been determined to be better at giving kids a sense of balance much more quickly.

All that being said, GasGas has recently updated its 12eDrive and 16eDrive balance bikes for the 2022 model year. Developed in partnership with ebike specialist Stacyc, the e-balance bikes are meant to give young kids a safe and enjoyable first-time experience on two wheels. Each model comes equipped with three power modes and adjustable seat heights allowing you to fine tune the bike’s performance and ergonomics as your kids progress in skill.

Start Them Young With The 2022 GasGas EDrive Balance Bike Range
Start Them Young With The 2022 GasGas EDrive Balance Bike Range

The GasGas eDrive balance bikes offer fast charging capabilities, and 60 minutes of run-time. Furthermore, the bikes can easily be modified according to the tastes and preferences of the young riders. The GasGas 12eDrive is meant for first-timers with little to no experience on balance bikes. It has an adjustable seat height initially set at 13 inches, and rolls on 12-inch wheels. Meanwhile, the GasGas 16eDrive is slightly bigger, and is meant for taller kids to upgrade into as their skill level progresses. It has 16-inch wheels, a robust aluminum frame, and a more powerful electric motor.

To make GasGas’ eDrive range of electric balance bikes even more special, GasGas has thrown in a selection of race-inspired cosmetic enhancements into the mix. Both the 12eDrive and 16eDrive get new race replica liveries and number plates similar to that of GasGas Factory Racers Justin Barcia and Taddy Blazusiak.

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