Motorcycle manufacturers are gradually embracing electrification. Triumph unveiled its first battery-powered all-electric motorbike, the TE-1, earlier this year, and Ducati is set to participate in MotoE. However, the variety of electric bikes on the market remains restricted. While there are plenty of standard, sport, and off-road alternatives available, there are but a few options for all-terrain adventure bike aficionados—until now.

OX Motorcycles, a Spanish business, has now revealed the Patagonia, a rugged and adventurous electric motorcycle. It's unquestionably one of the more fashionable alternatives for anybody searching for a flexible e-motorcycle, and is based on the Spanish company's initial model, the OX One, and shares the majority of the performance platform of that $5,400 bike. A rear-mounted 11kW hub motor is coupled to a portable 72-volt battery pack, which powers the bike. According to OX, the bike can attain a top speed of 68 miles per hour with. What's quite disappointing, though, is a range of only 62 miles. Surely, an adventure bike should be able to go longer distances, right?

Spanish Electric Motorcycle Maker OX Reveals The Patagonia

In terms of underpinnings, the Patagonia is heavier, weighing in at 160 kilograms due to its more adventurous attitude. It's also much higher than the One, with 50mm more ground clearance owing to long-travel suspension. Last but not least, the Patagonia receives a slew of off-road accessories like a bash plate, headlamp screen, saddlebags, and crash bars. It also has OX-branded knobby tires and a 19-inch wire-spoke front wheel.

Aside from range and performance, the OX Patagonia packs some significant tech. It shares the OX One's double-cradle structure and flat bench seat for two, as well as the digital dash and tiny storage box under what we would be familiar with as the fuel tank. The bike gets a nifty USB charger to power up your gadgets, too. Similarly, the Elisa system, which provides the bike with GPS navigation, a slew of performance information, smart phone connectivity capabilities, and blind spot detection, comes standard on the Patagonia.

Spanish Electric Motorcycle Maker OX Reveals The Patagonia

While the OX Patagonia is by no means the perfect electric adventure bike, it certainly has a lot going for it. Perhaps it’s more like a stylized electric street bike with a bit of off-road capability. Either way, more choices in the market is always a good thing. The bike, which is available in green or ochre, is priced at $7,200. You can reserve one for $260 right now on the OX website.

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