Spidi’s DP-Progressive Perf Pro leather suit is the Italian brand’s top-spec offering for riders that want maximum protection on track or otherwise.

The result of Spidi’s know-how and experience in the field of motorcycle gear, the DP-Progressive Perf Pro is the brand’s newest racing suit that lands just in time for the track riding season.

Spidi’s known for a lot of gear, and the Italian brand’s been punching out hit after hit whether it’s casual moto gear like its Moto Jogger Pants, to full touring suits, and full leather racing suits. The brand caters to almost any kind of ride, but let’s take a closer look at its latest racing leathers.

The DP-Progressive suit is made out of cowhide leather that measures 1.3 milimeters thick. The “Perf” in the name means Perforated, and it shows on the perforated panels seen in key ventilation zones throughout the suit. Just like other racing suits, you may find stretch zones in the leather at the base of the back, and behind the arms to allow for movement and comfort. Speaking of, Spidi added a neoprene liner to the ankles and collar to prevent chafing at the seams. Otherwise, there are also Flex Tenax textile inserts.

Gallery: Spidi DP-Progressive Perf Pro

As for safety, the suit comes with AAA-Class PPE certification, which is the highest level of protection offered in the market. There are also external armor reinforcements on the shoulders as well as interchangeable sliders on the elbows and knees. The armor pads are internally-mounted and can be found on the elbows, shoulders, and hips. Even at the highest level, however, the suit’s back and chest protectors are an optional extra. Though, there is also a provision for a hydration bladder, which you still have to provide yourself.

There are three color variants available for the DP-Progressive, and the colorways were made by Drudi Performance design studio. You can take your pick between red, blue, and yellow, all of which are marked by Drudi’s signature thumbprint logo.

So the price of this suit, considering that you get Spidi quality, should be worth it if you’re into the specs and the design. For all of the colorways, the suit will set you back €1,119.90 EUR, or about $1,170 USD. A range of sizes is also available from EU 46 all the way to an EU 58.

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