Motorcycle jeans are great at protecting riders on the bike while also looking the part off the bike. With innovative fabrics and construction techniques, moto denim toes the line between casual wear and protective riding gear. Now, Spidi wants to take casual styling one step further with its new Moto Jogger Pants.

For those that haven’t heard of joggers, the pants fall under athleisure wear, comfortable and casual apparel meant for active lifestyles. However, some would characterize the trousers as glorified sweatpants with a tapered cut and modern-day designs. Whatever definition you prefer, Spidi stays faithful to jogger styling with a slim silhouette, layered panels, a drawstring at the waist, and elastic shirring at the cuffs and waistband.

To adapt the athletic wear to two wheels, Spidi also adds belt loops, a metal buckle, and a jacket connector loop. Two front pockets accommodate items like phones and keys, while the single back pocket is perfect for the rider’s wallet. In addition to those features, Spidi adds bike-appropriate protection by constructing the Moto Jogger Pants from Nylon-based fabric for both abrasion resistance and maximum airflow.

The trousers come standard with removable, height-adjustable Warrior armor at the knees, and customers can add hip protectors separately. Thanks to the tough material and knee armor, the Spidi pants achieve a Class A PPE certification. The Moto Jogger pants are prime candidates for summer riding, weighing in at only 2.2 pounds while also increasing ventilation. The four-percent Elastane fabric also preserves the rider’s range of motion for trips in the saddle and activities off the bike.

Spidi offers the Moto Jogger Pants in men’s sizes 28-40 (US) and a retail price of $199.90. The trousers come in a navy and military green colorway for an urban yet utilitarian look. Whether you ride a scooter, a scrambler, or a sportbike, the Spidi pants should do the trick. Motorcycle jeans may have paved the way for casual moto gear, but the Moto Jogger Pants are taking the trend to the next level.

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