Scorpion updates its top-of-the-line dirt helmet for 2022. The VX-21 gets an upgrade in the form of the VX-22 which brings a whole host of top-shelf features, all in a helmet that performs as well or even better than its predecessor.

With the recent news of helmet manufacturers being required to shift over to the brand-new ECE 22.06 homologation, it comes as no surprise that Scorpion’s new helmet is now a 22.06-homologated lid. This means that the VX-22 is safer and up-to-date regarding the ECE’s latest call for safety features.

How could it not? The VX-22 is loaded with a ton of safety tech and features. For the shell material, Scorpion calls it Ultra TCT fiber, which is another way of saying that it is a fiberglass lid with Scorpion’s special touch. Generally speaking, fiberglass is a safer material to use than polycarbonate. On top of that, the helmet is said to be more aerodynamic in comparison to its predecessor.

Under the shell is a dual-density EPS liner, and between the pads and the EPS sits the all-important MIPS slip-plane safety technology. According to the Motociclismo, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System was necessary for the VX-22 to receive its ECE 22.06 homologation. Essentially what it does is allow for a level of slip between your head and your helmet to mitigate impact forces

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Getting deeper into it, Scorpion also fits the helmet with its signature cheek pad inflation system called AirFit. The system is simple and effective, similar to the old pump-style enclosure system in some shoes back then. Speaking of enclosures, you also get a double-D strap for your chin.

Finally, there are convenience features like an enlarged eye port for a more panoramic view of your surroundings and cutouts for eyewear. There is also a flat section on the surface of the shell that is there for action camera mounting.

The Scorpion VX-22 starts at about 310 USD (€ 299.90 EUR) for the solid color options which include Black, White, and Matte Black. There are three graphics options, Ares Attis, and Neox, available in different colorways and start at about $340 USD (€329.90 EUR).

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