With over 100,000,000 units sold worldwide in the more than six decades of its existence, the venerable Honda Super Cub remains the world’s best-selling motorbike. In that time, it’s charmed generations of riders—even people who might not necessarily even consider themselves riders. After all, way back in the beginning, that was part of its secret sauce: Getting everyday people who’d never ridden before to hop on. It obviously worked, and the rest is history. 

Honda’s involvement with postal deliveries—first in Japan, and then elsewhere—is intertwined with the rise of the Super Cub and related models. That’s why it’s probably no surprise in 2022 that Japan Post is issuing two extremely cool, very collectable pieces of official Honda Super Cub merchandise. They’re both limited edition, and both only available to purchase new if you live in Japan. (Of course, we also won’t be surprised when these turn up on eBay in the future.) 

What are they? The first is a Japanese tea cup (or yunomi), a thick, ceramic mug with a special Super Cub design on it. The mug itself is white, while the design is blue. It features both profile images of a Super Cub and the Super Cub logo, as well as a series of blue stripes integrated into the design to give a sense of speed. 

Gallery: Honda Super Cub Japan Post Limited Edition Merchandise

The second is a traditional Japanese workman’s apron (or maekake). It ties around the waist, and has been worn by all kinds of workers in Japan for hundreds of years. From grocers to workmen who wanted to protect their clothes, the maekake was essential. This Super Cub design features a cockpit silhouette mostly contained within a circle, which echoes the round shape of the Super Cub’s mirrors. It bears the Super Cub logo below the main design, and text above reads (in English) “Since 1958.” 

Both these items are limited-edition, although Japan Post doesn’t specify how many of each will be made. You should know, however, that they’re both made to order, and won’t be shipped until after July 15, 2022. Up to 3 of each item may be ordered per person. The Super Cub tea cup costs ¥1,430, or about $11.24. The Super Cub apron costs ¥6,600, or about $52. Both prices include tax, but do not include shipping costs anywhere within Japan. 

These two new limited-edition pieces of Japan Post Honda Cub-related items join yet another cool limited-edition Super Cub-related item that Japan Post issued in 2021. That year was an important anniversary, both for Japan Post itself and also for the Honda MD90 Japan Post-modified Super Cub mail delivery vehicle.  

Honda Super Cub MD90 Die-Cast Japan Post 150th Anniversary Model 2

2021 simultaneously marked the 150th anniversary of Japan Post, as well as the 50th anniversary of the MD90 Super Cub. So, quite naturally, Japan Post and Honda decided to issue an official die-cast miniature model of the MD90 Super Cub! The two had also done something similar previously, on the MD90’s 45th anniversary in 2016. It’s worth noting that the 50th anniversary one has a special commemorative Japan Post 150th Anniversary license plate on the back of the model, which you can see in one of the photos. 

The 50th anniversary MD90 Super Cub model is still available from Japan Post at the time of writing, and is limited to 5,000 total units. It will remain on sale through September 30, 2022—or until the limited-edition supply is exhausted, whichever comes first. The price is ¥5,000, or about $39.32. So, if you’re in Japan, and you’re thinking about ordering all three of these things to sate your hunger for all things Super Cub, we certainly don’t blame you.

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