Now that 2022 nearing its halfway point and with the ECE 22.06 safety standards in place, a new product is set to be launched called the X1 from Vata7. The X1 is a new helmet from the brand that incorporates all of the technologies that were present in the previous iteration but with a lightweight carbon shell and red LEDs instead of the amber ones found on the company's first product, the X7.

The Vata7 X1’s shell is exceedingly lightweight, and in a size small it weighs 1.9 pounds, which is about the same as a three-quarter lid. The helmet can get lighter, still, should your head be of a smaller size. Vata7 states that it will offer the X1 in true-to-size shapes and shells for its helmet which means that it could go for bespoke shell sizing per size, or have a widespread of shells available per size. Apart from that, the helmet gets a scratch-resistant visor that’s Pinlock-ready, a double-D retention system, and a Bluetooth connection system by Sena on top of the LEDs that you cannot miss.

Vata7 X1 Carbon Helmet
Vata7 X1 Carbon Helmet
Vata7 X1 Carbon Helmet

So how do the LEDs work? The Vata7 system connects wirelessly to your motorcycle which will flash at the same time that a signal indicator or brake light is applied. Vata7 claims that the LEDs have an expected working life of 50,000 hours, and its battery can last a total of 12 hours on a single charge.

Pricing for the helmet is pegged at $899 USD, but that is without discounts. If you’ve signed up for the crowdfunding campaign launched a while back, the brand has pledged a discount and early-bird access. Things are looking good for the X1 in terms of safety as well since the company claims that its helmet meets DOT, ECE 22.06, M2021 Snell, and FIM safety ratings.

However, things are not all that they seem as Motorrad states that the ECE 22.06 standard does not account for helmets with lighting systems built-in. Currently, the source reports that there is no helmet with a lighting system that has been approved. It is likely that Vata7 took out the LED strips in order to get the helmet homologated and tested, but the X1 would then lose the homologation once the LED lights get installed.

For now, the helmet is not yet commercially available. You can get on Vata7’s waiting list for the time being if you are interested, and a launch is happening in July 2022.

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