Colove, or Kove motorcycles unveiled two more 321F-based bikes that are rather different. These two models are the brand’s new neo-retro offerings that come in either a standard setup or a cafe racer setup complete with a full cowl for the front.

Whether you call it Colove or Kove, one thing’s for sure, these two bikes have some rather unique styling. You can see retro elements on either thanks to the brown seat and the paint job, but it’s a little questionable. Perhaps this is Colove’s final use of the 321F platform before it shifts its attention to its 400cc four-banger that will come later this year.

Either way, the neo-retro 321F twins are somewhat odd to look at thanks to some rather interesting design choices that help the model stand out, in a way. From the frame to the engine, both bikes are similar to one another, the main difference will be with regard to whether you want no fairings and an upright riding position, or a tucked position with a cowl.

Speaking of its engine, we’ve covered in the past that Colove’s 321 series of motorcycles bear a striking mechanical resemblance to the Yamaha R3 and MT-03 motorcycles. Even the power figures are near-identical with the Colove producing only one horsepower shy of Yamaha’s models. Perhaps you could say that Colove beat Yamaha to the punch by releasing an XSR 300 of sorts.

Colove 321F Cafe Racer

This isn’t the first time that Colove’s stuck their hands in the industry’s cookie jar, as the brand plans an 800cc parallel-twin in the near future which might take inspiration from KTM’s 790 line of motorcycles which include sport naked offerings and an adventure-tourer.

The chassis is otherwise shared with the Colove NK321R and NK321RR naked and sportbikes. It looks like the brand is going for a styling package that’ll help diversify the brand’s portfolio of offerings. Both of these models are not yet launched, and these images come from the models’ type approval applications in China, so it’s safe to say that Colove’s preparing to launch these two bikes quite soon.

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