Fashionable motorcycle-specific shoes are a dime-a-dozen these days. Gear manufacturers, just like the bike manufacturers themselves, have innovated to maximize usability and protection, while at the same time keeping their products as stylish as possible. Inevitably, the rise in popularity of retro-inspired motorcycles has brought about a gear revolution, with everything from head to toe designed to look old, but offer modern-day standards of protection.

Stylmartin, an Italian manufacturer of motorcycle-specific shoes and boots, is one of the brands that sits at the top of the food chain when it comes to premium, stylish kicks. I mean, style is literally in the brand’s name. Stylmartin has a repertoire of more than 16 shoes and boots to choose from, and it continues to innovate and experiment with new styles to satisfy the ever-changing needs of motorcycle riders from all walks of life.

Stylmartin is dressing up its traditional cut shoe in a darker, more muted design for its new collection. The result is the new Shadow model, which mixes classic and current style aspects to make it suited for a wide range of motorcycles. This new footwear is primarily intended for usage in dry, warm conditions. The top is made of waxed canvas with black leather inlays along the laces. In the case of a collision or slide, abrasion-resistant leather inserts continue on the heel and front to protect you.

Standard laces bind the shoes firmly, and they may be tucked to the side to keep them from catching on the motorcycle's controls. Twisting and impact forces are also mitigated by PU malleolus protectors on both sides of the foot, as well as reinforcements in the front and rear. As a result, these sneakers have received PPE approval and meet the EN 13634:2017 standard.

Stylmartin includes two sets of laces with the Shadow: one bright yellow pair and one black pair, allowing you to personalize your boots, and make them fit perfectly with the rest of your riding gear. A bright stripe on the rear not only adds a sporty, modern edge to the shoes, but it also adds a layer of safety by increasing visibility. The new Stylmartin Shadow is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 36 to 47, and retails for 149 Euros, which translates to around $161 USD. Please keep in mind that pricing and availability may differ based on your location.

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