Shark Helmets is a brand that you might be familiar with. Hailing from France, the marque takes a clean approach to its design and functionality with its touring-focused design when making the EVO-GT for the avid adventure or sport-tourer. Homologated as either a full-face or a jet helmet, the modular model can be worn with the chin bar or without it and offers customizable comfort as well as a bevy of other well-thought-out features. 

New colors for 2022 from Shark. The EVO-GT gets four new graphic options that primarily favor the color palette of Ducatis, predominantly playing around with red and black tones. The gray and blue colorway looks pretty sweet though and could go with any number of bikes with blue accents on. If you're not digging the look of this helmet, Shark also updated its lineup for the EvoJet which we covered here

What’s unique about the Shark EVO-GT is its Auto-up / Auto-down system, which allows the visor to move either up or down depending on which configuration it is in. The V-Tech system also smooths things out for the rider, offering the convenience of locking the chin guard with only one hand.

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Other features of the EVO-GT include a Safe Lock system that guarantees the tightness of the chin guard in the event of a crash. The visor is also a little more special than others as it is a variable thickness lens, optical class 1, and it comes with a free Pinlock 120 Max Vision insert in the box. Oh, and before I forget, it’s a dual visor helmet which is an absolute must if the helmet is being positioned as a tourer and that sun visor is also treated with a layer of anti-scratch protection.

The interior is Microtech, which is spun from recycled fibers and features antibacterial and anti-odor treatments. An extra chin strap is included in the box as well for wind noise reduction as well.

Shark’s EVO-GT can be yours starting at €457.99 EUR, or just over $500 USD. The size chart goes from XS to XL, and if you don’t fancy the new graphics, Shark has 15 in total for you to choose from. On top of that, you may even get a warranty for up to five years upon registering your helmet with the Shark website.

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