What do you get when you want the safety and protection of a full-face helmet, say, for when you're attacking the twisties, or cruising the freeway; but also want the convenience and comfort for in-city use of an open-face lid? Naturally, you'd go for a modular helmet. There are, indeed, tons of modular helmets available in the market—varying in terms of style, fit and finish, and of course, overall quality. 

A lot of these helmets follow a simple flip-up approach, however, not all modular lids are safety-approved when the chin bar is flipped up. French helmet manufacturer Shark has a double-homologation modular lid called the Evojet, and it's by far one of the best-looking modular helmets out there—if you're into the whole sleek and sporty streetfighter aesthetic, that is. For 2022, Shark is reintroducing the Evojet helmet with two new graphic options. Now available in black with red accents, and black with blue and silver accents, the Evojet looks sleeker than ever, and continues to offer the comfort and versatility it's known for. 

Shark Releases New Colorways For Evojet Modular Helmet

Shark claims that the Evojet helmet offers the same level of protection as a full-face helmet with the chin bar down, while retaining the same field of view as a standard jet helmet. As you can see, the Evojet's design incorporates a tall and wide visor maximizing your upward and lateral field of view. Its chin bar is very slim, providing just enough protection without obstructing your view in any way whatsoever. 

Shark has engineered the Evojet's visor in accordance to optical class 1 standards, as such, it offers crisp and clear vision. It has also been finished with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for added longevity. The Evojet's flip-up mechanism can easily be actuated with one hand, making it convenient for all-around use, be it around town or on long-distance tours. It is, however, by no means a cheap lid. Priced starting at 269.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $313 USD, it's available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, and makes use of two shell sizes. 

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