Rieju, a Spanish motorcycle company known today for releasing its beginner friendly street bikes and dual-sports, as well as performance-oriented, race-ready enduros is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2022. The company finds its roots in 1942, when it started producing bicycles with auxiliary motors to help make commuting easier. In 1973, the company made its first full-fledged motorcycle with the Rieju 175 powered by a four-stroke engine. 

Rieju Releases Limited-Edition 80th Anniversary MR 300

In the 80s, Rieju entered the racing scene, and even bagged a championship in the 80cc class of the famed Six Days of Enduro racing series. The bike that propelled the company to victory was a humble enduro powered by an 80cc engine called the MR 80. Made famous by its striking green colorway with a matching yellow numberplate, the MR 80 is a rather fitting bike to pay homage to, especially on Rieju's 80th birthday. This is why the company has released a limited edition variant of the MR 300 shod in livery that pays tribute to the iconic MR 80. 

It goes without saying that the MR 300 is well within spec when it comes to race-ready enduro bikes of today. With a 300cc two-stroke engine on tap, it produces tons of power and torque, making it capable of shredding countryside trails as well as the motocross track. The MR 300 80th Anniversary Edition is set to be a very exclusive machine, not only because of its iconic livery, but also because only 100 examples will ever see the light of day. Some defining features include a numbered plaque on the engine and frame, as well as a premium FMF Rieju Power silencer at the back.

Rieju Releases Limited-Edition 80th Anniversary MR 300

The MR 300 80th Anniversary Edition flaunts some premium kit, too. It comes with Renthal handlebars and riders, a high performance Funnelweb air filter, clutch cover and crankcase protectors, a skid plate, and LED headlights. It gets an uprated cooling system, too, thanks to the integration of an auxiliary fan. As for pricing, the Rieju MR 300 80th Anniversary Edition retails for 9,300 Euros, or the equivalent of around $10,500 USD. Given this, chances are the bike will sell out quickly, as it's set to be made available across multiple European countries. 

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