Two years following the introduction of the Norden 901 Concept at EICMA 2021, Husqvarna entered the ADV segment with the production model in 2021. While some folks anticipated a more off-road-focused machine, the 2022 Norden 901 is equal parts tourer and adventurer. To keep the heavy middleweight ADV on the motorway and trail, Husqvarna introduces its new Technical Accessories line with an eye toward long-distance travel.

If riders are embarking on any journey longer than a day trip, luggage is a must. Husqvarna partners with aftermarket luggage specialists Touratech for a set of rugged aluminum panniers and a top case. Together, the side cases and top box account for 114 liters of storage. The combination of high-strength aluminum and silicone seals ensures the rider’s belongings remain safe regardless of the weather and road conditions.

Panniers and a top case may be overkill for some explorers, so Husqvarna also offers a Side Bag Set and a Luggage Bag. While the textile luggage may not boast 114 liters of capacity, the waterproof material, roll-top closure design, and smaller footprint make the bags a great option for frequent off-roaders.

Gallery: 2022 Husqvarna Norden 901 Technical Accessories

Comfort is also a high priority for extended tours and the Ergo Rider’s Seat and Ergo Pillion Seat offers plush padding, a premium finish, and three temperature settings. The Norden 901 may come with handguards, but the Husqvarna’s heated handgrips offer four temperature settings and are a perfect complement to the new ergo seats.

Shorter riders will also find more comfort with the brand’s lowering kit, which drops the Norden 901’s 33.6-inch seat height by 0.9 inches (22mm). On the other hand, taller riders will benefit from the new Windshield Spoiler and the extra protection it provides over the long haul. Speaking of protection, the Technical Accessories line also touts an Engine Protection Grill along with Auxiliary Lamp Protection and Headlight Protection.

Lastly, the new Husqvarna components range includes an Akrapovic muffler. The high-grade aluminum construction and rally-inspired sound favor the Norden 901’s performance crowd. Unfortunately, Husky hasn’t listed the prices for any of the new add-ons, but they’re currently available on the brand’s website.

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