Honda has revealed the new and improved CB300R in the European market. While you can’t exactly say that this bike is a beginner bike in the region, as young first-timers aren’t legally allowed to ride it, you can certainly say that it’s a much more docile and easy-to-ride machine than its bigger siblings. That said, young riders looking to move up the ranks now have an even more solid option in the CB300R.

For starters, the new CB300R features enhancements to the engine that make it Euro 5-compliant—an update that was necessary in order for Big Red to continue selling the bike in Europe. It churns out rather pedestrian power figures with 25 ponies and 20 ft-lbs of torque. Meanwhile, it gets a revised exhaust system, which seems to have been both a styling update and a move done in correlation to Euro 5 compliance.

The 2022 Honda CB300R Storms Into Europe

Perhaps the biggest and most notable update to the small-capacity neo-retro roadster is its suspension, in particular, the front forks. While the bike does retain its preload-adjustable rear monoshock, the front end is now adorned with premium Showa Big Piston Separate Function Forks. The SFF-BP forks are the same ones found in the bigger, more powerful CB650R, and are sure to enhance the peppy performance of the lightweight CB300R. It doesn’t, however, get the radially mounted dual front disc brakes we find on the CB650R. Instead, it retains its single front caliper setup.

As for features, new for the 2022 model-year is the integration of an assist-slipper clutch, designed to make city riding, especially stop-and-go traffic, a breeze. The bike retains all the other features found on the outgoing model, with a full suite of LED lights, an LCD instrument panel, and interestingly enough, cornering ABS thanks to a new IMU sensor. Honda did, however, leave out other snazzy IMU-powered features such as traction control and wheelie control, as you certainly wouldn’t need these things on a 25-horsepower machine.

The new Honda CB300R is expected to enter the U.S. market very soon. As for pricing, the 2022 CB300R retails starting at ​​£4,899.00 in the U.K., translating to around $6,559 USD. However, sources suggest that if and when the bike enters North America, we can expect it to fetch a slightly higher price tag.

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