In October, 2021, Triumph Motorcycles was dreaming of gold—or, more specifically, its upcoming Bonneville Gold Line Edition plans. Following the massive success of the 2022 Street Twin Gold Line Edition—which was limited to just 1,000 units—the House of Hinckley thought it should give its Bonnevilles a little sparkle treatment, too. As of January 27, 2022, the new Bonneville Gold Line Editions are now available at most of your local Triumph dealerships. 

For those unfamiliar, Triumph takes its pinstriping extremely seriously. In March, 2021, our colleagues over at Bennetts Bike had some quality time with Triumph master pinstriper Gary DeWine, who is a fourth-generation Triumph employee. He was kind enough to not only explain the basics of what he does, but also give moto journalist Michael Mann a go at applying a careful bit of striping under his watchful eye. 

By now, of course, you probably recognize that there’s a whole lot of skill and experience that goes into doing a truly breathtaking pinstriping job. That kind of freehand artistry is rarely or possibly never something that someone achieves on their first try. Important factors including the brush, the pressure you use, the way you hold your hand/wrist/arm, and the consistency of the paint itself all play a role in the finished product. All in all, there’s a lot to take into consideration, and Triumph’s pinstripers thankfully have that knowledge. 

Bonneville T100s, Speedmasters, Bobbers, T120s, Scrambler 1200s, and Street Scramblers are all available for one year only as Gold Line Editions. There’s a variety of colorways to consider, each offering its own charms in addition to that special Gold Line treatment. As with the Gold Line Edition Street Twins, each Triumph pinstripe artist will proudly sign their work at the base of the tank, so you’ll have a little easter egg to look for if you purchase one.  

Prices vary by region, but base prices range from $11,450 to $16,500 in the U.S., depending on which model you’re considering. You can check out a full list of all the available 2022 Bonneville Gold Line colorways and prices here

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