If you’ve been looking to get your hands on the tiniest motorcycle that Indian ever made, look no further than Mecum’s Las Vegas 2022 auction. There, you’ll find not one, not two, but FOUR little Indian MM5A minibikes up for auction in January, 2022. From multiple original specimens to a fully-restored example with a custom red-and-white flame paint job, enthusiasts have a selection of 1960s and ‘70s Indian minibikes to choose from. 

To keep things simple, we’ll take a look at each of these in chronological order by date of release. The sole 1969 Indian MM5A in this group is also the only one with a custom paint job. It’s from the Estenson Vintage Collection, is sold on a bill of sale, and the listing notes that it is not for highway or public road use. Granted, that’s generally the case with most (if not all) minibikes, but it’s probably best to spell it out just in case. The custom paint scheme is primarily a glossy white, with candy red and silver flames on the tank, tail, and fenders. There’s also a perforated, very modern-looking chrome exhaust cover on this example. 

Next, we have a yellow Indian MM5A from 1970. According to the listing, it was fully restored in Wales during the pandemic lockdown there, and was shipped from the U.K. to the U.S. in 2021. It will be sold to the new owner on a bill of sale only, and if it’s purchased by anyone in Nevada, it’s apparently only intended for display purposes. This bike features a yellow paint scheme with a red racing stripe, which matches the red Indian logo on the sides of the tank. The red racing stripe is also present on both fenders. There’s also a blank white front racing number plaque mounted on the fork. 

Gallery: Indian MM5A Minibikes

The 1971 MM5A for sale is the sole blue example in this auction, and is said to have been restored to running condition. There’s no real information included in the listing about its history, but it’s also sold on a bill of sale, as seems to be the case with all of the MM5As. 

Last but not least, the 1973 Indian MM5A for sale at the 2022 Mecum Las Vegas event comes from the Hendricks Collection, and reportedly underwent a “meticulous frame-off cosmetic restoration.” Furthermore, as many new-old stock and/or OEM parts were used as possible in the restoration process. This example did run prior to its restoration, so the goal was simply to bring it into better shape than it had been before. It’s a yellow bike with red accents, and is sold on a bill of sale like the others.  

The 2022 Mecum Las Vegas auction lasts from January 25 through 29, and all four of these MM5As are currently being offered at no reserve. Each lot number has a letter at the front that tells you what day the lot will go up for auction, so we can see that two will sell on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and one on Saturday. Check the links in our Sources if you’re interested in seeing more photos, or considering placing a bid.

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