Miniature stuff is just cooler than the full-sized version, isn’t it? Of course, perfect recreations of larger-scale items in diminutive form are extremely cool to see—and, for a certain kind of person, also incredibly soothing to make themselves. What about functional miniatures, though? If you’re looking for an impressively-crafted Harley-Davidson Panhead engine that fits in the palm of your hand—and RUNS—then we’ve got just the thing in this video. 

It’s an RC engine made by a company called Cison, and while it’s quite small, it absolutely runs. More importantly, it sounds exactly like you’d expect a little baby Panhead of this size to sound. When clamped in a vise on this RC YouTube channel’s workbench, it also shakes the absolute stuffing out of everything else that’s sitting next to it, too. 

What does it run on? Cison’s instructions in the booklet give you a choice of either gasoline or Zippo fuel mixed with oil. The manufacturer’s specifications say it has 9cc of displacement, and you probably won’t be surprised to note that no power figures are available for this exquisitely tiny mill. (We do note, however, that while it is very small, it’s still probably a bit too big for any dreams you may have of recreating the classic Beverly Cleary-penned children’s book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle.) 

Gallery: Cison Miniature Panhead RC Engine

Reviews seem to be fairly positive of this unit, praising the attention to detail and careful CNC aluminum crafting. Whether you’re interested in obtaining one for an RC build you’re working on, or are simply contemplating how cool it would be to have a running miniature Panhead engine on display, this unit is readily available for sale. Be aware, that level of quality and attention to detail does come at a price, though. In this case, the base unit (not including shipping) is listed at $599.99. It does appear to be available in multiple currencies and countries, so exact amounts will vary based on where you’re located.

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