If you’ve been absolutely itching to get your hands on a shiny new Bimota KB4 and you live in Japan, we have good news! On January 17, 2021, Bimota Japan just opened its first purchase application window for the KB4. It’s not clear at this point how many such application windows Bimota plans to offer, only that there will be more than one. 

From January 17 through 31, 2022, Bimota Japan’s initial KB4 order window is open for applications. While both the OEM and its Japanese distributor, Kawasaki, are keeping mum about planned production volumes, there’s a flow chart of sorts in place depending on how many purchase applications are received while the window is open.  

If Bimota Japan receives fewer purchase applications than its planned production number for this initial KB4 run, everyone who applied will then be able to complete a contract to purchase their KB4. However, if they get more applications than there will be available bikes, Bimota Japan will use a lottery system to choose winning applications among those received. 

Any applications submitted that do not win the right to purchase a KB4 the first time around will automatically be rolled over into the next purchase application window, at a point yet to be determined in the future. To qualify for consideration, all purchase applications must be received within the specified timeframe. Applications received outside Bimota Japan’s window will not be considered. 

Bimota Japan is offering two types of contract negotiations for purchase right winners: In-person, or online. Online negotiations will take place via Microsoft Teams, and both types of contract negotiation have strict time limits you must adhere to if you want to see a KB4 nestled neatly in your garage, living room, or even under your covers at night (we won’t judge). 

To submit a purchase application for a KB4, you must live in Japan and plan to take delivery of your Bimota KB4 there. As with any new bike purchase, there are a number of other requirements that prospective buyers must meet, including of course an ability to pay. Bimota’s suggested MSRP for the KB4, including Japanese consumption tax, is ¥ 4,378,000, or about $38,207. However, Bimota Japan notes that individual dealers may set different prices, so that’s something to be aware of if you plan to negotiate a purchase contract in person at your local dealership. 

Full details, as well as the purchase application, are available on Bimota Japan’s website, which we’ll link in our Sources. At the time of writing on January 17, 2022, Bimota currently has a pre-order contact form on its main site for the KB4, but no similar purchase application system to Bimota Japan’s has been established at this time. 

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