Bimota, a boutique Italian motorcycle manufacturer, has always been known for its exclusivity and outlandish, performance-oriented machines. For instance, the Tesi H2, developed in partnership with Kawasai, is unlike any other bike out there, as it's the only sportbike to feature such a crazy front end. The KB4, on the other hand, is a bit more conventional, based on the Kawasaki Ninja 1000.

Now, it's understandable that Bimota, being the rather small company that it is, doesn't have the capabilities to produce and manufacture new bikes as fast as its counterparts would. As such, we have quite a number of Bimota concept machines floating around, that could just pop up out of nowhere when we least expect it. Well, to further fuel our excitement, Bimota has recently dropped a teaser on its social media platforms. In an Instagram post on Bimota's official account, a photo of what appears to be an intricate linkage component in a motorcycle chassis is featured. 

Bimota makes no comment as to what it actually is. The caption simply reads: "New project!" So what could it be? Well, your guess would be as good as mine, but here's what I think. Now, by "New Project", Bimota could be referring to a completely new bike, or a reinvention of an existing model. Clearly, one of these is more exciting than the other. Judging from the image posted, it could very well be an all-new machine. Interestingly, Japanese automotive and motorcycle publication Young Machine has decided to overthink Bimota's Instagram post, digging really, really deep to speculate what it might be. 

According to the publication, the teaser could be referring to a three-wheeler, something like the Yamaha Niken. Bimota's machine, however, was designed in partnership with Kawasaki, who filed patents for this cantilever arm back in 2018. This won't be all too surprising, as coming up with wild, quirky, and fast machines is definitely one of Bimota's strongest suits, especially now, with all the restructuring that's been going on with its Japanese partner Kawasaki. 


Of course, the teaser could also hint on something else entirely. Heck, who knows, maybe Bimota's intentionally tricking us by posting a photo of something completely unrelated to any motorcycle model? That being said, a sensible guess would be that Bimota will be updating an existing machine in its roster—maybe the Tesi H2? With Kawasaki unveiling the 2022 Ninja H2 in EICMA last year, it won't be all too surprising if the Tesi H2 took on some of the updates. 

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