XPD presents its newest racing boots, the XP9-R. Developed with the XPD Racers Team, these boots have been designed to deliver maximum protection and comfort. Ideal for sporty riders—be it on a spirited ride on twisty roads, casual track days, or grueling endurance races, these boots are meant to offer the best feedback, comfort, and safety.

XPD Releases New XP9-R Racing Boots

The boots incorporate a unique removable protective shell, making it easy to wear and remove them, as well as adjust them perfectly for a snug, comfy fit. The XP9-R comes standard with an AGS-3 removable inner protector. It's designed to absorb impacts as well as abrasive forces in the event of a crash or slide. Meanwhile, the outer shell provides rigid support for the tibia, preventing twisting and bending forces upon heavy impacts. Furthermore, the boot features Shock Absorber areas in injury-prone zones, as well as flexible supports to offer maximum protection without impeding range of motion. 

Of course, being a sportbike-focused boot, the XP9-R doesn't compromise on performance. It has been shaped in such a way that it fits into the natural riding position of most sportbikes. Furthermore, XPD's design and engineering team conducted wind tunnel testing on these boots, ensuring an aerodynamic shape that keeps your feet firmly and confidently planted on the pegs, regardless of the speed at which you're traveling. XPD realizes that feel and feedback are vital elements of performing at your best on track. As such, the XP9-R features multi-level rubber compounds on the sole, to offer superior feedback on the shifter and brake levers. 

Unlike other racing boots which slip-in via a wide opening on the side, the XP9-R features an inner boot liner constructed out of 3D mesh. It also doubles as additional abrasion resistance in the even of a crash, as well as a breathable membrane ensuring comfort for long hours on the saddle. The inner liner can easily be removed and washed. Overall, the XPD XP9-R boots are certified under CE EN 13634:2010 standards, and offer Transverse Rigidity level 2 protection. 

XPD Releases New XP9-R Racing Boots

Naturally, boots with this much safety and comfort tech in them cost quite a hefty sum. The XPD XP9-R retails for $459.90 USD. Sizing ranges from 38 to 48, while there are three colors to choose from: black, black and white, and black and orange.

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