When it comes to the eventual mainstream integration of electric vehicles in the global market, it certainly goes without saying that manufacturing powerhouses like China and India will play a major role. In fact, as things stand at the moment, several key industry players have partnered up with companies based either in India or China to outsource their production.

For starters, Husqvarna has teamed up with Indian motorcycle giant Bajaj for its upcoming electric scooter called the Vektorr, as well as the highly anticipated E-Pilen. That being said, Bajaj holds a massive market share in the Indian two-wheeler market, and it, too, has been investing heavily in mass-producing affordable lightweight electric two-wheelers to be sold both in the local market, as well as for export to neighboring Asian countries, as well as Europe.

Bajaj Reintroduces The Chetak Electric Scooter
Bajaj Chetak electric scooters

In order to do this, Bajaj has invested more than $40 million USD towards a new production facility dedicated solely to producing electric vehicles. The factory is expected to boast a massive 500,000 square feet of land area, and will also have an annual production capacity of around half a million electric vehicles. The factory will handle operations such as fabrication, assembly, painting, and quality assurance. On top of that, it will provide Indians with much-needed employment opportunities, especially given the challenging past two years, with India being hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new factory is expected to begin operations in June, 2022. It will be producing lightweight and affordable electric vehicles that will subsequently be sold in India and neighboring markets. Now, the exact model that will see production in the new facility has yet to be unveiled, however, chances are it will be based off the already available Chetak electric scooter.

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