A garage may not be the most scent-friendly part of your house. With oil, dirt, sweat, and chemical build-up over the years, there’s no question why. Over tie, that stench can also work its way into your , but Switzerland-based tool manufacturer PB Swiss Tools combats those offensive odors by offering a line of products with vanilla-scent handgrips.

Historically, PB Swiss Tools handgrips have given off a pungent smell. Diehard fans of the brand actually associate PB Swiss with the scent, but it can also be off-putting for newer customers. To find a middle ground, the company has been producing vanilla-scented grips from Cellulose Butyrate Acetate (CAB). The wood-derived material is 100-percent natural, environmentally friendly, and resistant to gasoline and oil.


While PB Swiss’ catalog includes tools with Classic, Multicraft, and Swiss handgrips, the Swiss variant doesn’t have any chemical off-gassing. As a result, the brand only offers the Classic and Multicraft grips in the vanilla scent. Of course, the smell may not suit all rats, but users have also noted that vanilla-scented PB Swiss tools aren’t individually overpowering. However, if you have a full set of sweet-smelling PB Swiss tools, you probably won’t need to light a candle any time soon.

In addition to the Swiss brand’s vanilla-scented tools, it also applies the Classic and Multicraft grips to its bottle opener and magnet set. If adopting PB Swiss tools is a threat to your masculinity, maybe a shop bottle opener and fridge magnet set will help fight the garage stench without the overwhelming aroma of vanilla.

Any home or professional garage will come with its own fragrance, but PB Swiss Tools’ new vanilla-scented handgrips prove that that fragrance doesn’t have to be offensive.

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